Quality Facilities

World Class Manufacturing facilities with capacity to produce 70,000 Tonnes of Forgings per annum.

Quality Facilities

  • Universal Testing-Tensile, elongation, yield point reduction in area
  • Charpy / Izod Impact Testing – at elevated, room, sub-zero temperatures
  • Hardness- Rockwell, Brinell
  • Magnaflux
  • Ultrasonic
  • Metallography
  • Dimensional
  • Wet Analysis
  • Spectrography
  • X-Ray
  • Full-Fledged Standards and Gauges Room with master gauges and all types of precision instruments.
  • Equipped with Ultrasonic Flow Detector, Die Penetrant Test, Magnetic Particle Testing.
  • We are having the QC Persons qualified for Level I & Level II Certifications.

Material Testing Laborateries

Well equipped laboratories with spectrometer, mechanical testing facilities and NDT equipments like Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Universal Tensile Testing, Impact Testing, Metallographic are available and used by trained and qualified personnel to ensure compliance to specified product quality.

Standard Room

Well equipped Standard Room with Precision Inspection Equipments for in-house calibration of all dimensional measurement of Instruments, Gauges, Jigs & Fixtures, traceable to Government National Physical Laboratory.

Other Test Equipments like Gear Lead & Profile Testing Machine, Gear Pitch Testing Machine, Profile Projector, 2D Digital Height, portable CMM.

Soft System for Quality

Fully Automatic CNC-gear measuring machine Wenzel-WGT 350 for work pieces upto 400mm dia and between center capacity 700mm. Along with hob and shaving cutter software.

Online electronic measuring system for Process Control on the CNC turning center, along with post process control with automatic tool wear compensation.